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4) Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

We started this count with one of the top stars currently held by boxing, Manny Pac Man Pacquiao, who recently just added a win against Keith Thurman

Titles Held: Flyweight (1998), Super Bantamweight (2001), Featherweight (2003), Super Featherweight (2008), Lightweight (2008), Junior Welterweight (2009), Welterweight (2009), Light Middleweight (2010)

Manny Pacquiao is a fighter with extraordinary skill and incredible speed, respected by many opponents and feared by those quick and accurate blows in most of his opponents.

3) Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.

Record: 50-0 (27 KO’s) Titles Held: Super Featherweight (1998), Lightweight (2002), Junior Welterweight (2005), Welterweight (2006), Junior Middleweight (2007).

Hated by many, loved by others, without a doubt Floyd Mayweather Jr, is one of the boxers that more controversial to raised in the boxing world now is a promoter of money and gets millions in profits.

2) “Sugar” Ray Leonard

Record: 36-3-1 (25 KO’s) Titles Held: Welterweight (1979), Junior Middleweight (1981), Middleweight (1987), Super Middleweight (1988), Light Heavyweight (1988)

Sugar Ray Leonard was one of the boxers who at the young age of 24 won his first world title and this way show to the world that its name would be recorded in golden letters in the box history books won 5 divisions, were sometimes considered the champion in questionable of the world’s welterweight.

1) Roy Jones Jr.

Record: 173-19-6 (109 KO’s) Titles Held: Welterweight (1946), Middleweight (1951)

Considered the best boxer the sport has given, he fought in the 1940s and 1965s a time when boxing had big names, competed in the welterweight and middleweight winning the title in both. He was recognized by many fans for his hard punches, he had the reputation of hitting and knocking out with a single blow.


These characters were stars of boxing that reached the highest thanks to their effort and talent, know our Professional Gloves of Cleto Reyes and tell us their story of boxing.

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