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Boxing is one of the oldest sports in our human history and fights in the sports rankings with more fans, people of all ages become fans of this sport that generates give the maximum of ourselves, being amateur or protagonist in and out of the ring.

That’s why Cleto Reyes News will dedicate 4 curious points that you probably did not know about your favorite sport:

Number 4) At least 500 boxers have been beaten to death during the fight, but on many occasions, they manifest the end or even in the middle of the actions, that is why boxing adds to the list as the second most dangerous sport to practice.

Number 3) Boxing is very close to soccer in a fans numbers because while it is not the number 1 sport according to the information given by the World Boxing Federation, 38% of people who were given a survey indicate that they follow a boxing fight at the same time than a soccer game.

Number 2) Mike Tyson fought for the first time with an unknown type because killed several pigeons, which are one of the favorite animals of Tyson, this infuriated both that was to beat him, this story was told by the own Tyson only that is not very well known.

Number 1) There were many world champions, but very few managed to take their record undefeated but to mention a few that if they did are: Lászlo Papp, Jack Mc Ailiffe, Floyd Mayweather, Rocky Marciano, and Ricardo Finito López.

We’re sure you know a lot more fun facts about boxing, but don’t worry about a nearby Cleto Reyes News, we’ll tell you more about information I’m sure you didn’t know. 

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