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Correct breathing means the way we are designed to breathe, the most optimal for your body and must do it unconscious. But the thing is that not everyone breaths efficiently.

There are a lot of techniques for different roles, such as breathing techniques for relaxation, for Increased Energy, for Adjust Your Breathing or for side pain, but first things first.

We must be highly aware of the way we breathe and if we need to modify it. That’s why we bring you 5 proper ways of breathing, because is not a difficult thing but it is very important to do it in the correct way, for your physical health and state of mind.

  1. Breathe through the nose

Don’t use your mouth, air must enter through the nostrils. If you breath with your mouth the lungs get unfiltered air, and you don’t want virus and bacteria in your lungs.


  1. Breathe with the diaphragm

Air must go through the rib cage and the abdominal area. Must go deep into the lower abdomen and the abdomen must go up when you inhale and down when you exhale.


  1. Breathe consciously

Pay attention on the way you breathe at different times of the day. Are you breathing through your nose? If not, adjust your way of breathing.


  1. Good posture

An upright posture permits an efficient breath, you need to become aware of how you are helping to let the air in and prevents back and lower back pain.


  1. Listen to your body

Breath relaxed, remember your breathing reflects your feelings so you must realize how tense or relaxed you are. Take control of your breathing to have a healthy body and brain.


Now you know how to breathe. Just remember doing it through your nose, and always listen wat your body needs.

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