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A bigger challenge for Jake Paul

Jake Paul will have his fourth fight as a professional boxer when he faces Tyron Woodley this Sunday, without a doubt, his most complicated duel so far. Paul, who found his fame as a Youtuber, decided to take the road in the ring from 2020 and so far he has always come out with his hand up in the 3 contests he has participated in. Now, in none of his fights has he encountered a man with the strength in his fists that the former UFC champion has Since in their first two contests it seemed like there was a spectacle rather than a sports competition. For his part, Ben Askren, his third rival, was always known for his fight, so now against Woodley, you could really see what Jake is made of. The age difference can be a factor, since the MMA fighter is 39 years old, by 24 of the Youtuber, however, Woodley has a great punch, he got 7 of his triumphs by knockout, but also an important physical resistance e, since another 7 of his victories were by decision, that is, covering all of the agreed rounds. Paul is using the moment to become notorious because his incursion is leaving important economic dividends and although he has been training for a long time, there are those who have years of advantage and technique can be decisive this time. Askren was never known for having a great guard or punch, while Woodley went so far as to get knockouts with a single hit, like when he defeated Robbie Lawler.

By Alfredo Bush

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