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It’s important to stay protected at the time of your training, but also that the person who is going to train you is protected in the same way, the Body Trainer Protector is essential as part of your training because it is the simulation to reality to hit the body of your opponent and in the fight the boxer will have better performance.

It’s essential to use a protector that fits your body correctly so that the training is correct, and it does not make a kind of “bounce” in your body and does not hit the trainer’s abdomen and it is not uncomfortable for both of you.

We recommend that you use quality equipment because it will keep you and the person who is training you protected and neither of you suffers any injury, also your equipment will last longer, and you will be able to enjoy it for a longer time.

The best choice for you is the Cleto Reyes Trainer Protector that gives you a perfect and adjustable coverage to your body, in addition to offering you an excellent quality that Cleto Reyes always guarantees, it has perfect reinforced seams to give you greater durability and of course this made with authentic leather.

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