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We continue with the countdown for the fight between Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao and Keith “One Time” Thurman, here at Cleto Reyes, we continue with the special follow-up where we present you with data from both fighters to reach the day of the fight with all the best information.

The official weighing between Manny Pac Man Pacquiao and Keith One Time Thurman at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

From early on fans of both fighters made themselves seen in the streets near the MGM Arena where they shared their forecasts, some of them shared with us that the fight would end in the first rounds, others that would lengthen until the decision and even others have commented us that it will finish in tie.

The time would come for weighing Keith Thurman would be the first to arrive but with an audience that booed him as he climbed the stairs but with a very safe and confident attitude he climbed to the tilt giving as final weighing 146.5 pounds which were in rule so I can fight the fight.

It would be Manny Pacquiao’s turn to make his presentation and immediately the climate that Thurman left would change as the fans would chant his name to what Manny with a smile raised his hands greeting all present, I would climb the bascule giving final weighing 146.5 pounds.

Everything was ready for tomorrow’s showdown as we are facing one of the most fair fights given that both are well Physically and with equal weight.

As he faced them Thurman challenged Pacquiao to speak to what Manny only smiled and turned to the cameras, then both boxers gave statements.

Thurman was calm despite having the majority of the audience “this is my time” mentioned calmly and with the belt in his hand.

Manny showed himself in the same quiet and happy way to have one more fight “It will be a good fight, I feel prepared and with the best condition we hope to give him a good show for the fans” 

We remind you that the day of the fight will be tomorrow July 20 at 7pm at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas Nevada the fight will be broadcast by FOX.

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Image taken from the website of the ring tv

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