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Amateur Boxing

Cleto Reyes Amateur Boxing

Boxing is a contact sport that is divided into 2 aspects, professional boxing and amateur boxing.
On this occasion, we will talk about amateur boxing, as in any other boxing fight, two boxers compete with their fists covered by 10oz gloves, where they seek to connect the greatest number of hits to their rival and at the same time dodge the adversary’s attacks.

Amateur boxing is a platform for boxers to gain combat experience and also to be able to represent their nation in Olympic competitions, regional, PanAmerican championships, among others, which are governed by an international federation.

The clothing for amateur boxing it is necessary to wear 10oz gloves, Headgear, red or blue boxing shirt, shorts, and mouth guard, all this obligatorily. The winner of a fight is the fighter who makes the highest number of points, it can also be won if the referee decides to stop the fight by K.O, technical inferiority or surrender of any of the fighters.
Some of the most common faults are hitting below the belt, grabbing, or hitting the opponent on the back of the head, neck or body.


The categories in amateur boxing are:

Light flyweight 48 Kg
Flyweight 51 Kg
Bantamweight 54 Kg
Featherweight 57 Kg
Lightweight 60 Kg
Super lightweight 64 Kg
Welterweight 69 Kg
Light heavyweight 81 Kg
Heavyweight 91 Kg
Super heavyweight +91 Kg

From the amateur boxing, great professional boxing figures emerged as the Mexican idol Raúl Ratón Macías; also the biggest in all history: Muhammad Ali, as well as Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, and perhaps the last great idol that came out of an Olympic fair, was Oscar de la Hoya.

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