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Back to the Ring

With the Return of Manny Pacquiao, Tyson, and others, now it is the turn of Floyd Mayweather, Jr (50-0-0) who will face an influencer Logan Paul (0-1-0) recently turned into boxer, more than a fight is a boxing exhibition, which will take place this Sunday, June 6, 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami, FL.

Floyd has been relaxed in all his interviews ahead of this exhibition fight, saying that he will fight against a youtuber who thinks he is a boxer, even and that there will be no judges, KOs are allowed.

Logan Paul for his part says that he is going to knock him out, and that he did not choose boxing, but that boxing chose him, he said fight with his heart.

In this great return parade that we will have for this year, the champion in four different weight categories Juan Manuel Márquez (56 – 7 – 1) will be back in the ring against the also champion in four different divisions, the Puerto Rican Miguel Angel Cotto ( 41 – 6 – 0).

In the heavyweights Evander Holyfield (44 – 10 – 2) will be measured against Kevin Mcbride cooked for defeating Mike Tyson in his last professional fight in 2005, the Irishman’s cards are that he participated in the 1992 Olympic games for his country Ireland , with a record of (35-10-1).

17 years later we will have the fourth fight between Marco Antonio Barrera (67–7– 0) and Erik “El terrible” Morales (52-9-0) scheduled for July 16.

Among other spectacular returns is undoubtedly Manny Pacquiao (62–7–2) vs Error Spencer (27-0-0) for July 25, for his part Pacquiao already defeated Keith Thurman, showing that we still have Pacman for a while, Even though he has an undefeated rival in front of him, Manny will have to step on the accelerator fully, to come out with his hand up, Many is already on the highest rungs of world boxing but a victory against Spencer would undoubtedly put him much higher. of what is already.

Among other fights back for this 2021-2022 we will have: Oscar de la Hoya with contrincatne still to be defined.

Mike Tyson (50-6-0) vs Lennox Lewis (49-2-1) will be one of these fights most anticipated by boxing fans.

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