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It is very important to keep your fists protected when the bag is hit, using bag gloves at the time of your training will make you feel safer, its function is to protect your hands and reduce the force of the impacts that this can generate, also the best part of this is that they are very comfortable and that allows you to measure your skills in the ring, when you are training or when you are in front of the opponent.

Ideally, in your daily training, you use the best boxing equipment and that it is of quality so that you can obtain the best results in your fights, in addition, the duration of your equipment will be longer, and you will avoid injuries or fractures that may occur in your training.

The Cleto Reyes Bag Gloves with Elastic Cuff provide you with an incredible design that is totally soft and padded that makes the glove light so that you have more power and speed in your strokes, its slim design with velcro closure at the tip of the glove so that they fit perfectly firm and faster for your heavy workouts, made 100% by hand in Mexico and with the best materials.


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