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Berchelt Vs Valdez

Miguel “el alacrán” Berchelt (31-1-0) knows of Valdez’s boxing quality which motivates him more in making his seventh defense of the WBC super featherweight world title, Miguel likes challenges, Caballero is a great trainer, and “el alacrán” a great boxer who has always come from below, who has had several boxing wars and says he is prepared for this fight to come.

Miguel Berchelt commented that Valdez looked better before training with Reynoso since he wants to impose the Canelo style on all his fighters, which does not work for everyone equally, he also added that Valdez has a lot of heart like every Mexican boxer, but Berchelt said let’s SEE IF  Valdez can do something against a solid champion who has proven to hit very hard.

The Champion commented that he does not know how Valdez will fight if attacking or boxing, but whatever his strategy, Berchelt has the experience of other fights where he has gone out to attack as against Sosa, Bandido Vargas, or Ricky Román, and if it is On legs he will do it as he did against Takashi Miura, he also said that he wants to finish this fight quickly, but he will not despair, because if they reach the cards he would not dislike winning this way too.

Valdez (28-0-0) began his training sessions with the Canelo team and Eddy Reynoso said: “These are difficult times for everyone,” Valdez clarifies; “My camp has not been easy, the most complicated thing is that in Guadalajara we are on red alert and so it is difficult to run in open places, I have to be fleeing from the police because it is not allowed. I have seen the great contests of the Mexicans and I wanted one like those, no matter the price for facing war like this, I am willing to pay it, I have visualized the fight in various ways, with intelligent and very technical boxing, or enraged with a lot of exchange; In all the scenarios of my mind, I see myself as a winner”, Oscar comment to La Jornada.

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