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Surely when you hear boxing you think of two men hitting each other, but the truth is that boxing is one of the most complete sports that exist, it can burn calories and define your body in record time. This sport makes cardiovascular resistance work and allows you to effectively lose useless body mass.

The best of all is that you don’t have to get in the ring with an opponent, it is for you to adapt your training as a boxer and learn part of the technique since boxing mobilizes almost every muscle in the human body. Boxing mix cardio and high-impact training leaving you a full-body workout.

Are you ready to know the exercises?

  • Cross

Give a direct and strong punch. The backhand moves from the chin crosses the body and heads towards the opponent. You must do it strong and repeatedly to burn calories.

  • Speed Bag

This exercise will promote weight loss and increase your heart rate thanks to the combinations and rhythm. You have to train for a few intense minutes, then rest and then do it again.

  • Uppercut

Place yourself in guard position, punch from the bottom up drawing an arc towards the chin of the other boxer and repeat it.

  • Jump Rope

The cardiovascular exercise will allow you not to fatigued during a fight. It will help you define your arms and legs and of course losing weight.

  • Jab

Fast and strong punch. You must rotate the torso and hip, putting your foot opposite the arm you use. Remember this is the most important and basic punch of a boxer.

  • Heavy Bag

Of course, it couldn’t miss. Do a complete minute rounds and practice different punch works and will help you lose weight in one or two weeks.

Remember that all routines should start slowly and the key in this sport is the agility to move. Also to eat healthily and drink plenty of water.

And remember we have all the equipment you need to train: Gloves, Speedbag, Heavy bag.

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