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Boxing for women helps you lose weight, improve your fitness, it is both a sport and a discipline of self-defense, develop self-confidence and self-esteem. You still haven’t considered grabbing a pair of gloves? Then please read these benefits of boxing for women.

  • Tone the abs and buttocks

You must be able to do several abdominal sequences and two to three times more sets of squats than in the gym.

  • You work these muscles more

Abdominal waist, biceps, triceps and legs. The parts that a woman wants firmer.

  • You can defend yourself

By developing self-defense techniques, you will gain confidence in yourself and you can develop yourself.

  • Ideal for the cardiovascular system

You can get an optimal physical condition of almost a high-level athlete. You will breathe better; you will have greater reaction capacity.

  • What every woman wants: weight loss

You can forget about the gym as you know it. you don’t work a body part specifically, if not, all together and that is what the goal of losing weight achieves.


Do you want to know what exercises you can do?

Long jump: Improve agility and speed

Burpee: Burn calories and tone

Press-up: Build the shoulder and chest muscle

Squat jump: Tones and improves speed and power

Jump rope: Perfect for cardio


What can you expect?

A lot of cardio. You will see various familiar exercises and mental impact. You will gain confidence in yourself and winner mentality.

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