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Bridger Walker, story of a warrior

Mike Tyson, Bridger Walker, Mauricio Sulaimán

A month ago the whole world was moved and shocked by the heroic act and of a six-year-old boy, Bridger Walker, who at the cost of his life saved his little girl from the deadly attack of a pitbull dog.

Such action cost him to suffer severe injuries to his face, from dog bites. The story was shared by her Aunt Nicole. The incident occurred on July 9 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States of America.

But without a doubt the most shocking thing was his statement, very mature for a child of his age: “If anyone had to die that day it was me.”

Upon hearing of such courageous action, the World Boxing Council sent him an iconic belt and named him world champion.

But this Saturday, August 15, 2020, during the closing of the 58th WBC Virtual Annual Convention, Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the organization, had a link with Bridger Walker, along with José Carlos Ramírez, Marvin Hagler and Mike Tyson.

Mauricio commented: “Bridger I’m excited about this, it was a sensational moment, you are a very shy ‘world champion’. Look what I have for you, gloves of your size, so that together with your father you can start training. For your little sister I have this WBC medal with a pink ribbon. I will never forget this moment.

Extremely excited. José Carlos Ramírez, super lightweight champion of the WBC and WBO, told him: “Your story is a wonderful body, one of the best I have read this year and it has motivated many of us. It shows us that there are still wonderful people doing the right thing. “

“I am a father and your behavior motivates me to keep going, because you have shown us what true love is, which comes from the will and not from emotions, because you decided to defend your sister from the dog’s attack. I congratulate you and God bless you, friend ”.

Marvin Hagler, from Italy, recognized Bridger’s act, noting that what he did was something sensational “the instinct he had, helped his sister and that’s what this is all about, being a great champion in life.”

“I saw the natural instinct to protect your sister. The dog was very angry and Bridger, we know it takes time to feel good, but don’t be discouraged by the scars, they are the scars of a warrior… I have mine too ”.

In turn, Mike Tyson said he admired this warrior child: “The spiritual fighters are huge. The way he sacrificed himself to save his sister is incredible. It is difficult to control fear, maybe I had no idea what fear is, but in this world there are people who are wrapped in fear, who control them, but you defended your sister by controlling fear. You faced something very ugly, but that courage you showed will always come out ”.

In this way the world champions and the World Boxing Council recognized the story of a warrior, the story of Bridger Walker.

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