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Chávez JR looking for a fight ..

Looking For a Fight

In the last days, Julio Cesar Chavez JR has challenged 2 great fighters of different disciplines,
it seems that JR likes to generate a lot of controversy regarding his boxing career,
in recent days he challenged to a boxing match to Conor McGregor, active fighter in the UFC,
whom he assure he could knock out in less than 8 rounds, also mentioned that he would not charge a dollar for this fight.
Apparently Conor wasn’t interested in the challenge since he didn’t have time to answer anything at all.


The 2nd challenge launched by the JR was towards Canelo Alvarez,
Saul did bother to respond through a tweet, it should be mentioned that they fought on May 6, 2017
at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Canelo left Victorious.

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