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Correct use of Amateur Boxing gloves

In the competition Amateur bouts, there are rules to use a specific size of gloves

  • Amateur Fighters from 165lbs and above must use 12oz gloves for the middleweight and super-heavyweight divisions or the divisions among them. While entering the ring, a middleweight boxer is not allowed to weight more than 165 lbs.
  • The range of weight category here is 153-165 lbs. All the boxers with weights more than 152 lbs. must wear the 12-oz glove.


  • Amateur Fighters from 152 lbs. and below for those amateurs fighting either in the welterweight division or lower must use the 10-oz gloves., this sizing rule is for every boxer who weighs <=152 lbs.


  • The lowest weight limit for the 10-oz gloves is 106 lb. This is for the light flyweight category which is the lowest weight class in men’s amateur boxing.

Some official Amateur Gloves Rules:

  • The construction of the gloves shall be in accordance with the specifications approved by USA Boxing and shall have the USA Boxing or AIBA label in each glove.
  • In all USA Boxing competitions (Club, LBC, Regional or Affiliated Member), boxers must use USA Boxing or AIBA approved gloves, red and blue gloves are recommended for all USA Boxing sanctioned events.
  • In all USA Boxing competitions, gloves have to be provided by the event organizer and have to be approved by the supervisor. boxers will not be allowed to wear their own gloves.
  • Boxers must put on their gloves before entering the ring. Tape or another flat binding material may be used to secure the cuff of the gloves.
  • Gloves must be taken off immediately after the bout is over and before the decision is announced.
  • The padding of the gloves must not be displaced or broken.



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