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Correct use of Professional Boxing Gloves

One of the main functions of boxing gloves is to provide a cushion for your finger joints. Your finger joints are the most vulnerable to the shock of a punch, and the effect can actually cause some serious damage to your knuckles. Boxing gloves are important and act as a shield of protection.

Protecting Your Opponents.


The impact of the force in a moving object is known as momentum—boxing is all about momentum. Without boxing gloves, the effect of the momentum is much higher and effective than with gloves. Without gloves, the momentum a punch can carry may result in heavy damage and a severe injury to your opponent. The larger area due to the boxing gloves reduces the impact of the shock, thus helping to protect an opponent from any serious injuries.

Professional fighting gloves are separated into two size categories:

  • Fighters in the welterweight (147Ib.) class and under most commonly wear 8oz gloves
  • Fighters in classes super welterweight (154Ib.) and up commonly wear 10oz gloves

Amateur boxing gloves come in three sizes:

  • Fighters under the light welterweight class (141Ib.) commonly use 10oz gloves
  • Fighters in classes welterweight (152Ib.) through super heavyweight (over 201Ib.) most commonly use 12oz gloves
  • Masters Division fighters, who are 41 years of age and older most commonly use 16oz gloves

The lighter weight allows competitors to move quicker.

Meeting professional regulations and standards. Laces are used, for example, because most high-end competitions don’t permit the use of hook and loop fasteners. Trainers often tape the laces before the match to prevent them from coming loose.

Maximizing your ability to knock out your opponent. The firmer padding helps you inflict as much damage as possible with your punches. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll also be sacrificing the protection that softer gloves provide your own hands.

Finally remember to have a good bandage, which will also protect you from injuries to your wrists and knuckles.

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