Mexican boxing has become characterized by having great world champions, Juan Manuel Marquez, Julio Cesar Chavez, Jorge “Travieso” Arce, among many more.

Today we give an opportunity to show young talent, it is Edgardo “Gallito” Velazquez, a young Mexican promise who lives in Tijuana Baja California Mexico and where he will sustain his first international fight in a North American Territory.

Will face the American veteran Mark Deluca who has a record of 24-1-0 and 19 Ko’s, the last fight of Velazquez was June 1st where he got a hard-hitting victory and arrives with a record of 12-0-0 and 12 Ko’s.

These were his words he expressed for an exclusive interview for Cleto Reyes “I feel happy and motivated with this great opportunity that I am given since I am very young, I feel strong and able to face this great challenge”

Another thing that stood out was the hard work done by his training team to put him 100% by august 23rd, he also mentioned how proud he wears on Mexican colors “It will be a great pride to be able to represent the Mexican flag and my state, the goal is to be able to raise your hand as the victor and thus plant the Mexican flag in Massachusetts”

We invite you to enjoy the fight on August 23rd at the Encore Casino Everett, in Boston Massachusetts.

Edgardo is a young promise of boxing and here at Cleto Reyes we want to be the platform for these young prospects to start shining, tell us your story so more people know about it, send yours here: edson@cletoreyes.us

Train like this champion and show the world your full potential, the gloves used by “El gallito” Velazquez are the Cleto Reyes Traditional Training Gloves of 16oz.
Images courtesy of Edgardo Velazquez's team


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