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We know that the least thing you want to do during pregnancy is to exercise while carrying extra weight on your body, but you have to know that it is profitable for you and of course, the recommended level of exercise depends on your pregnancy condition.

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? Of course, it is! Just walking and stretching help reduce stress and combat anxiety, exercises can be started at any stage of pregnancy and performed until the end of pregnancy.

  • Facilitate labor
  • Helps return to your weight after delivery
  • Reduce back pain

What are the exercises you can perform?

Check with your doctor before starting. The exercises you can perform are simple: walk, run, bike, dance, swim, aerobic exercise.

  1. Walk

Ideal if you did not exercise before getting pregnant. Is a safe exercise during the nine months of waiting.

  1. Run

Of course, it must be a mild level. 30 minutes with low intensity about 3 times a week.

  1. Bike

Perform during the first 2 quarters, at the end of pregnancy can make it difficult to perform and do it in a static bike.

  1. Dance

Sign up for dance lessons, follow a DVD, it’s just having fun with your music, just avoid jumping and pirouettes.

  1. Swim

The best and safest, works all muscles and has cardiovascular benefits. Always remember swim helps with pack pain.

  1. Aerobic exercise

Strengthens heart and muscles. Remember there are special classes for pregnant women.

What other exercises can you do

  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Dumbbells

If you have health problems you should avoid some exercises, always consult a doctor before so he can tell you the ideal routines for your condition and if unexpected things happen while you execute them.

But remember exercise is always healthy for you, no matter is you are pregnant or not.

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