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Fewer rounds in WBC title fights

Change of Rules

Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the WBC has declared that only the World Championship and Silver Championship fights will be authorized at 12 rounds.
The medical committee of the World Boxing Council (WBC) voted unanimously to reduce the number of rounds in the championship fights affiliated with the Boxing Agency, it is even recommended that it be only 8 rounds for regional championships where the boxers have a lower level of experience.


Boxing is a risky sport since it is a contact sport, therefore the integrity of the boxers must be taken care of.
Over the years, protection measures have been implemented, such as the reduction of the World Championship fights from 15 to 12 rounds in 1983, a movement headed by Mr. Jose Sulaiman and well-known Doctors, who conducted an injury study program brain sponsored by WBC donations, this study served for the boxing industry and also served as the basis for subsequent studies of the NFL.

38 years after making those changes in boxing fights, the WBC has taken the decision to take the next step in reducing rounds to protect boxers who are still in development.

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