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Fury vs Paul will be Ranked #15 in WBC

Paul vs Fury

the WBC (World Boxing Council) has announced that the winner of the highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will receive a top 15 ranking at cruiserweight with their organization. While this news has been met with some criticism from boxing fans who feel that Paul and Fury are not deserving of such a ranking, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman believes that the two fighters have shown enough skill and potential to warrant their inclusion in the rankings.

Sulaiman has stated that the winner of the Paul vs. Fury fight will be ranked near the bottom of the WBC’s cruiserweight rankings, around the 40th spot. However, he also noted that it will be up to the fighters to climb up the rankings by being active, fighting other WBC-ranked contenders, maintaining good records, fighting in different locations, and gaining the support of boxing experts.

While some may question the decision to rank Paul and Fury, Sulaiman defended the WBC’s decision by pointing out that the two fighters have brought millions of people to watch boxing, which is good for the sport. He also emphasized that the WBC is not making any money from this fight and is simply trying to support boxing by recognizing talented fighters in a division that currently has few contenders.

Sulaiman went on to praise Jake Paul, calling him a talented fighter with world-class punching power and an excellent chin. He also acknowledged that Tommy Fury is a skilled fighter in his own right and that both fighters have the potential to make a good, entertaining fight. Ultimately, Sulaiman believes that the decision to rank the winner of the Paul vs. Fury fight is a fair one that will help to promote the sport of boxing and bring in new fans.

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