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The 21-year-old Ryan Garcia from California (18,0,0) will face the 25-year-old Avery Sparrow from Philadelphia (10,1,0) at the Dignity Health Sports Park, in Carson, California.  “Out of the three fights I was offered I knew Avery was the hardest. He’s a fast and undefeated counter puncher…He’s smart. I wanted to take the hardest fight I got offered.” Garcia said.

The undefeated super featherweight and lightweight “Flash“with Mexican heritage is seen as the next “Canelo“ Alvarez and has no rush to go after a world title will accompanied the main event Munguia vs Allotey. “I’m going to bring my all and train like it’s my last, upping my speed and power. I’m going to bring my experience,” Garcia said. “I’ve seen a lot of fighters out there, and I’m going to bring those wins into the ring as well. Let’s all get ready.”

Meanwhile, a wining for Sparrow would mean make him one of the best young names to watch in sports. Garcia know his fast and is going to be one of his hardest fights. The Philadelphia boy hasn’t really been beaten since his only one loss was a disqualification. “Ryan knows I’m a good fighter and this is a big fight, I have a lot of support and people backing me,” he said. “I’m on a different level than Ryan Garcia, and he hasn’t been to this level yet. I’ve fought fighters with similar experience before, but we will see what happens on Sept. 14. I hope to see everyone there.”

Carson, California will be the house to watch the boy with 15 winnings by knockouts vs the boy with 3 knockouts winnings in 10 rounds fight in this Mexican independence fights. “We’re gonna see on Sept. 14 who’s all that and who’s who. The winner is gonna go to the moon.”


Image credits: Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos

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