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The Heavy Bag is important in your daily training, the incredible thing about this element is that its qualities are so great that it is not an exclusive boxing practice since you can use it in your daily exercise routine, to lose weight, release tension or just keep fit, it helps you improve your speed, strength, coordination, and endurance.

There are different types of punching bags that are adapted to the objective you want to achieve and obviously each type of bag has different qualities and benefits, there is the Extra Heavy Bag Leather, Large Cowhide Heavy Bag, Large Heavy Bag Mixed, Nylon-Canvas Heavy Bags, Small Heavy Bag, Uppercut Heavy Bag and Round Bag, we have talked about these last two on our blog, if you want to read them we leave you the link, just click on the name of the bag you want to see.

We recommend that you always use quality boxing training equipment so that your exercises are incredibly efficient, and the duration of your equipment is for a long time, Cleto Reyes offers you excellent quality bags, made with the best standards and guaranteeing you the best quality.

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