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Fighting with fists as a spectacle and competence is one of the oldest sports activities. Some say that its origin is African and dates to 400 B.C. and others say that a year 6000 B.C. from there it spread to Egypt and from there to India. And others say that it already existed in 2000 B.C., in Mesopotamia, and in Greece that it was where the custom of using a glove arise.

Towards 688 B.C. It was accepted as an Olympic sport and the word “boxing” began to be used in the 18th-century in England to distinguish between disputes and fighting under sport rules. His story shows how boxing athletes gradually began to protect themselves with helmets and how they became important for fans of ancient sports.

In the eighteenth-century boxing became a popular sports practice in Britain and its colonies, thus entering America. The fighters wore padded gloves, spectators formed a ring around the fighters and the duration of the fight was predetermined since they were previously done without limitation of high ace, after 10, 15 and now 12 and 10 and called “time” to an established period.

The success of the boxers has always been associated with their size; the champion always used to be the heaviest. But at the beginning of the nineteenth century the term “lightweight” began to be used and the terms “welterweight”, “medium weight” and “heavyweight” became common at the end of the same century. And during the twentieth century, they put the ranges from “strawweight” to “superheavyweight”.

It was in 1882, on February 7, in the city of Mississippi (USA), where the last boxing championship without gloves between heavyweights was held.

There was no “amateur” sport until 1867, with the rule of gloves to protect the knuckles under the rules of the Marquis of Queensberry. With which also emerged the two branches of boxing, which are professional and amateur.

James Figg is considered the father of modern boxing. He was the first boxer to fight with bare hands (1695-1734) and created the first boxing school in 1719.

And the rest of the history, you already know it.


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  1. Jesus Llamas says:

    En México el padre del boxeo fue don Arturo el cuyo Hernández …No hay ni a existido mejor entrenador que el su técnica boxistica a sido la mejor a nivel mundial..un tuyo mexicano….

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