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Once you get in the ring, you have many chances to receive a knockout punch and once you’re knocked out, you have literally no defense. Why you get knocked out? For a sudden rotation of the skull. But there are strategies to avoid getting knocked out.

Let’s start with the basic

  1. Keep your hands up

This one doesn’t have to be your number one because you can’t always be in defensive mode, you must always see the incoming punches, and this can sometimes avoid it. Keep that habit but don’t stop watching your opponent.

  1. Keeping your head at the right angle

Chin DOWN. Put your chin up and your convert yourself in an easy target, so you need a proper chin position and of course a strong neck, but once more, you need to see the punch coming or all these won’t help at all.

  1. Train your eyes

The punches have a right angle to be thrown so you need to train your reflexes to see it coming or you won’t be able to defend it.

  1. Move away from his power hand

Our opponent will always have a hand with more power, so circle away to the opposite side of the powerful hand. For he can’t reach you so easily stay way preventing him from using it.

  1. Fight in rhythm

If your opponent is punching with his right hand, you must do it with the left and vice versa. It is a way to defend during exchanges and keeping your head inside.

These few techniques will help protect you, and now you know you can’t put your body or your head in vulnerable positions. Don’t follow a punch, Roll with the punches.

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