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Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.” – Sugar Ray Robinson

Head movement during boxing is a defensive tactic used to hit and an ability you need to be competitive. To be able to move the head properly means to avoid a hit, since the head can only receive a certain number of hits, moving the head means counterattacking.

Do you want to know what the benefits are?

  • Makes the opponent more vulnerable
  • Opponents get more tired when they miss a hit completely
  • They will always be a step back if they must defend themselves before counterattacking.
  • You can free your hands to fight back

Rolling your head should not distract you from the rhythm of your movements. It must be a way to change the position of your body to find a new posture to attack. This movement must be subtle and unexpected, the big head movement deceives that it confuses the opponent or even the spectators

What kind of movements are there?

  • Round: It is the easiest because you flow better.
  • Head and hand placement: Put your head a little out of the center and hands wherever you need to connect the punch.
  • Angled: Good for fast movements but hard to do.

And what are the exercises you can do?

  • Slow sparring
  • Dodge the rope
  • Fight with the shadow
  • Dodge the speed bag

You can train your head movement with your punching mitts here

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