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Boxing is about speed, agility and POWER. A good punch starts from the ground, all the mass of your body is transferred to your arm, that’s why you need a solid posture. And of course, there are exercises to improve your punching power, here’s a list:

  1. Swim

We know what you are thinking, this is nothing to do with boxing, but know something my friend, swim is one of the best ways of increase strength throughout your body, creates resistance and strength.

  1. Resistance Punch

Holding dumbbells or a resistance band on your hands start punching with alternate arms. Is about hitting while working against resistance.

  1. Hit slow

About hit as hard as you can but slow. Stand in front of the punching bag, hit alternately and pose for about 2 seconds before starting the next punch.

  1. Squats

Remember you need to work your whole body for a good punch. The power comes from your legs and is transferred to your upper body, you need to stand firmly to take the right hit.

  1. Russian Twist

A powerful torso and strong abdominal muscles will transfer power. Lie face up holding a medicine ball with your arms above your chest and rotate your upper body right to left.

  1. Jump rope

Improve your coordination, cardio and reaction time to use your body to the fullest.

What are the bases of your energy when hitting?

One foot in front of another, knees slightly bent, good torso rotation, start with relaxed arms and hands always on the face when you’re not hitting. Remember to maintain an open mind, knowing that learning new things can help you improve.



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