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Boxing is a very controlled contact sport; it can channel stress and bad mood. It is a discipline that today’s society needs, gives confidence, is healthy and relaxes the practitioner. Should your children practice? If they enjoy it of course! and for you to be calm you can train with them.

Boxing is physically and psychologically healthy for your kids

Includes a very healthy diet and exercises improving balance and coordination with running and rope jumping. It can improve their confidence, better focus on anything, determination and self-discipline.


Let’s start an example training

Warm up together

Start balance, coordination, and discipline exercises

At this point training most be contactless or amateur competition oriented if the parents want to.

Push-ups, crunches and squats laps

Work in front of the mirror the famous shadow

Hold pads and kick shields for your child

Jab, cross, hook and uppercut punches

Start defense training preparing for sparring games (at the age you consider appropriate)

And of course, always do stretching together to finish


Boxing is a safe sport for your kids

Always do it under supervision. Almost all the training is outside of the ring without pushing other kids and they always wear protective gear.

Now you know it, boxing brings more god things than bad for your kids, also you will be training with them or with a professional if you want. They can start training since 3-year-old as a tiny boxer or until junior, that would be your decision. And keep in mind your child could become an Olympic medalist or a professional boxer.


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