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In quarantine times, train at home.

Stay Safe and Healthy - Train at Home

The world is currently experiencing an unusual situation, most countries are in quarantine and cannot leave their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic that threatens the health of humanity.

But in this situation we should not become sedentary, on the contrary, it is time to activate ourselves to keep our body and mind healthy. The question is how to do it? And it is very easy to say, but it is easier to put it into practice if you define a routine, duration of training and a time of day to exercises at home.


It is worth mentioning that currently there are many different formats on social media such as lives, stories, vlogs, etc … that can help you define a routine oriented to the sport of your preference. And if not, it is a matter of getting creative so that you yourself can structure your routine.

Cleto Reyes USA team wishes that everything returns to normal soon, and that for the while stay safe and healthy.
Train from home with the best gear.

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