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It’s a historic day for boxing and human equality

Trump WBC

Because today, the first anniversary of a moment that is historic for the North American people is celebrated given that one of the legends of boxing, the President Donald Trump presented a posthumous pardon to Great Jack Johnson, remembered in the boxing world for being the first African-American heavyweight champion in the world, his legend is unquestionable for 100 years.

He has been respected and admired for his achievements in a very complicated racial era, Johnson fought battles inside and outside the ring, his story showed the injustice of that era, the criminal rules of 1913 were abominable to transport a white woman across the state borders , who chased Johnson long after his death in 1946.

But many boxing stars and even actors like Silvester Stallone struggled to make this day possible, the boxing world and the history of the United States deserved to do justice to a worthy athlete like Johnson, justice and tribute is done today, the World Boxing Council showed up at the ceremony.

They commemorated this event with this photograph: 

Images taken from the official page of Mauricio Sulaiman on Instagram.

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