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If you have paid attention the jump rope is always in the exercises to improve something. It may seem like a children’s game, but it is a very complete exercise that allows fight resistance, balance, punch power and keeps you in excellent shape.

Believe us, is one of the cheaper pieces you will have to train and with just 10 minutes of using it, you will work a lot of body parts. All professional boxers have jump rope as a base exercise, just remember Rocky Balboa.

  1. Improves footwork

Have better control of the lower part of your body helps throwing a heavy punch. The most obvious benefit of this: footwork for ring movement, and this movement makes you be more conscious of your feet.

  1. Rhythm

This means be in constant movement and maintain a level that’s makes you pay attention to de rope and in that way create coordination which allows you to mimic the rhythm of fighting.

  1. Resistance

Practice jump rope makes you resistant to many other exercises such as run, squats, jumps that help your muscle memory. So, you can say that it is the best exercise because you can vary the speed, difficulty, intensity and a better efficiency.

What exercises can you do?

  • Jump on the rope with both feet together at a moderate rhythm.
  • Jumps on one foot: jump twice on one leg, then jump twice on the other leg.
  • Place your hands together and move them with the rope on one side, then to the other side doing a Swing.
  • Jump the rope with your knees up while running.

You can warm up or cool down with jump rope and to the rhythm of music. Try it, it will be very helpful and fun.

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