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Mario Barrios

Saturday, September 28, at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. The 24-year-old American with 24 victories since he debuted in 2013 will face the 28-year-old Russian with 7 victories debuting in 2017.

Mario “El Azteca” Barrios has won 16 of his fights with knockouts and knocked out his last opponent Juan Jose Velasco in two rounds. Meanwhile Batyr “Batuhan Gozgec” Akhmedov has done 6 Knockouts and won the gold medal in the International Kadyrov Tournament held in Grozny, Russia in 2015.

“I appreciate everyone who made this fight possible. This is the biggest opportunity of my career and I am excited. I had an excellent training ground and I am prepared to set up a program for all to see…Winning this fight would mean everything to me. This has been a long road and I have been very patient. My chance is finally here, and I am not letting it pass. His team’s plan was to put Akhemdov on the fast track to a world title., but it will end up being your biggest mistake. ” said Barrios

It may look like they have 4 years of experience difference and Barrios has the lead but, the Russian also won a bronze medal in the European Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament in Samsun, Turkey in 2016. So, they could be at the same level.

“This was a long way for me. From my first day in boxing, I wanted to fight for the title. Now I am one step away. I believe in myself and I think that on Saturday I will bring the belt home… I don’t know much about Barrios and I haven’t seen his fights. My team studied it and will propose a great game plan. My opponent will only fight with the style that allowed him to fight.” Respond Akhmedov

“El Azteca” doesn’t want to go home without that title and “Batuhan Gozgec” assures training in the Southern California desert is excellent for him. This Saturday 28 will watch who of them return home with the title and unbeaten and who return with his first loss.



Image credits: Stephanie Trapp

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