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The Medicine Ball is part of the very useful training equipment that is ideal for working different parts of your body, there are different sizes that come to have different weights, they are large or small and you can use the one that best suits your goal to achieve, one of the greatest qualities of this product is that you can perform numerous exercises in addition to being too versatile due to the amount and variety of exercises and anyone can use it.

Using it within your boxing training is excellent to increase core strength, to exercise your abdomen, waist, and neck, perfect for obtaining greater resistance that is necessary to develop the strength that high performance workouts demand, as well as improve the balance, coordination and posture which is very important in this sport.

For any sport that you practice it is always important to use quality equipment since its life will be longer, your workouts will be more efficient, and you will avoid any type of injury that could put you at risk.

Cleto Reyes Medicine Ball is perfectly designed to facilitate your exercises when doing your training and that it is always optimal, it has a variety of sizes and pounds to choose from, it is made of 100% leather and ergonomically to catch, throw and hitting it with ease, it also has the quality that Cleto Reyes has always brought you.

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