MIKE TYSON vs TONY TUCKER The best full-weight battle

32 years have passed from that epic battle that Mike Tyson and Tony Tucker held, two boxing idols, two superstars, a duel of forces, one of the magical nights that boxing experienced.

Tyson achieved a victory that would cost him a lot, he didn’t have a good night and not because he was hurt, but because with a spectacular technique, Tucker managed to get Tyson out of his comfort zone.

But despite the different combinations, Uppercuts, aggressive forehands, and strong straights at the start of the fight could not change the fate of the fight, Tucker fought valiantly to stand before a strong Mike Tyson and with the Hilton Center audience in Las Vegas, Nevada at his feet.

Tyson and Tucker had a balanced fight until the last two-thirds of the fight where Tyson would start to dominate more, but it would be until the last round where Tucker would have a moment’s respite when he took a left hook over Tyson’s head by putting the most balanced actions to make their decision more complicated.

Bill Graham 117-112 Julio Roldan 118-113 Phil Newman 119-111, these would be other protagonists of the night because in these three judges the decision to give the crown to one of these two titans was made.
Tyson came to the fight defending his World Boxing Council heavyweight title and World Boxing Association Heavyweight Title, while Tucker had the first heavyweight title defense of the International Boxing Federation.

We put at your fingertips a link for you to visit and get to know the newspaper page of those years:

http://bit.ly/2YA8vs6 And you can find all the fight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c0BNhmX6Ds

Mike Tyson and Tony Tucker were two stars of boxing that reached the highest thanks to their effort and talent, know our Professional gloves of Cleto Reyes and tell us your boxing story.

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