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Cleto Reyes Punching Paddles

A unique grip allowing a trainer to feel less impact on the hand and wrist. Filled up with light foam, non-deformable and long lasting, made with synthetic leather.

They are ideal for practicing various strikes and punches.

Why use Punching Paddles ? because they allow the fighter to punch straight through the target as the coaches hand is not there to absorb the shot. The long length of the paddles make also make it better for defensive work like slipping shots and rolling under from side to side.

Cleto Reyes Punching Paddles Feature

  • Absorb less impact
  • Made with synthetic leather.
  • Filled up with light foam, non-deformable and long lasting
  • Not sold separately
  • Weight both pads:1 lb
  • Height: 15.35 in
  • Width: 7.08 in
  • Grip Width: 1.96 in

Buy here: https://bit.ly/30RLzoL

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