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Muricio Sulaimán, Proud of the virtual convention

Mauricio Sulaimán

The 58th WBC Virtual Convention far exceeded the expected results, said Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council, after three days of hard work.

Among the highlights was the future creation of a new division, above heavyweight, the use of technology for various activities of the body and that the women’s world championship fights will continue to be ten rounds of two minutes of fight by one of rest. .

In the final conference, Mauricio Sulaimán stated that “our virtual convention is the pride of the WBC; Friday Media’s technical team has been formidable and very dedicated. The Rebus platform has been solid to unite the world of boxing and there are many hours of work that our staff have put in a great effort, as well as the champions, promoters, ring officials and our friend the journalists ”.

And he added that it has been a pleasant experience “because we entered a room with the light off. We didn’t know who was inside, if the light was going to turn on or not. Today I can say that the light turned on and that we entered a large room, with thousands of people. It is going to be a benchmark, we are going to take advantage of technology to use it in many situations. Last Monday we held a virtual auction and the promoters ask that it be like this in the future, because thousands of dollars are saved in expenses; besides being an immediate and transparent action ”.

Of course, he said that definitely and when the sanitary conditions allow it, the World Boxing Council will continue with its personal conventions.


Regarding the creation of a new category, the number 18 in men’s boxing proposed by Don Majezki, the president of the WBC affirmed that it will be created shortly.

For this, former world champion Tony Bellew was appointed as an ambassador so that he is the one who makes the consensus with the boxers to know their opinion.

“We will do the same with promoters and television stations, but this will be shortly, it should not be too long,” said the leader.


On the subject of women’s boxing and after recognizing that it has grown enormously and that women’s fights top charts all over the world and are very active.

Mauricio Sulaimán was clear when informing that the world title fights of women sanctioned by WBC, will continue being to ten rounds of two minutes of fight by one of rest; as long as there is no compelling medical opinion to the contrary.

Finally, he said that due to the economic situation due to the pandemic, the big fights are being renegotiated; “We must all participate and adjust so that they can be done. I’m sure promoters, boxers and broadcasters work to bring the battles that the public wants to see and the WBC will support them.

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