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Manny Pacquiao undoubtedly today earned the respect of a fighter like Thurman but further away from it the respect of everyone boxing, giving what can presumably be his last presentation above the Rings.

The MGM arena experienced great strife before the star fight however from the entrances of both boxers it was seen to come a duel of power to power.

But there would come a time of contention where from the first round they went out with everything both fighters, Manny connected a couple of extremely lethal blows to Thurman’s stomach and face to what the American fell to the tarp lifting more than one fanatic out of his seat.

Let’s go to the fifth round where they started with a couple of hard blows straight to Pacquiao’s face where it was one of the most difficult rounds for Manny because it was considered one of the best rounds of Thurman given its speed and accuracy of the blows most gave on the target.

The eighth round was one of the most equal as both boxers would arrive in the same physical conditions, in addition to giving exchange of blows that ended up hurting his opponent, Thurman showed a strong strength since considering that Pacquiao had already bled him, he was still lowering his guard so he could strike a blow that would hurt Pacquiao.

It would come the 10th round where Pacquiao was just a few steps away from knocking Thurman out with certain blows to his face but Keith with a broad fortress was able to avoid falling to the canvas for the second time in the fight, a round where Pacquiao started aggressive but Thurman knew how to take advantage of his physical strength to get out of the problem.

The twelfth round would come where both would come out with more strategy than strong blows for their adversary, It was more strategic the first few seconds because given the bell of the last ten seconds both threw themselves with all the forces they had left to achieve a certain blow against their rival, but it wouldn’t happen at either of the two corners, we had to go to decision.

In Thurman’s words he mentioned that he had great experience in fighting with him, showing at all times the respect he has for him and that he would like a rematch but that leaves him learning and a great lesson for his life.

Cleto Reyes’ team congratulates Manny Pacquiao hoping that it is not the last time we see him with the gloves that have led him to success adhered to his formidable and extraordinary work as a professional.

In Cleto Reyes we know that there are success stories like that of Manny Pacquiao and we want to be part of your story is why we invite you to know our gloves because remember we are Los Guantes de los Campeones.

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