For more than ten years we have had the pleasure of seeing a legend like Manny Pacquiao who with his humility, fortitude but above all passion for boxing has given us incredible nights.

Here in Cleto Reyes we have had the joy of sharing interviews with Manny who has told us how happy he is to wear these gloves

But Manny does not only carry the close relationship with Mexico for his opponents like Erick Morales, Oscar de la Hoya, Juan Manuel Márquez but for wearing his Cleto Reyes gloves in his hands.

In 2015 Pacquiao accompanied by our late director, Mr.Alberto Reyes, gave a congratulations to the company for the 70th anniversary

Manny in a gesture of solidarity ordered that a black bow be placed on his gloves to pay tribute to who for many years was our leader. Pacquiao continues with the dream of our creator by always wearing Cleto Reyes gloves.

Pacquiao became the welterweight superchampion of the World Boxing Association by defeating American Keith Thurman by choice and taking away his unbeaten 29 wins.

Pacquiao fought with the Cleto Reyes professional fighting gloves where in addition to its comfort generates good grip for the boxer. They are manufactured with the best leather and materials, under the strictest quality control besides, each glove is made with horse hair. 


Image credits to Lester Silva @Isboxing

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