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This year 2019 the World Boxing Council brings together dozens of international boxing stars, but also the only one on its kind which combines lectures, specialist medical clinics, rankings meetings, opens session to determine challengers for each champion in the 17 divisions, seminars for ring officials, including  judges and referees. Also enriching  and updating  boxing by always thinking about, considering and anchoring the safety plus health of the boxer, as absolute paramount.

During the annual convention of the World Boxing Council (WBC) a new program called ‘Safe Boxing’ that will be used to prevent and avoid accidents in boxing will be launched by Mauricio Sulaiman, president of this council.

“This 2019 we had tragedies in the ring, and we have to rethink many things and reach precise actions. We are talking about a monthly weight control, doping control, continuing education programs for boxers and their trainers, we can’t only regret and cross your arms “commented Sulaiman.

We know that boxing is a contact sport where fighters are exposed to different injuries. This year there have been several casualties of boxers such as Maxim Dadashev, Felipe ‘Gallito’ Orucuta and Hugo Santillán, so this put the agencies on alert to take action.

“One of the main issues that will be addressed in the convention will be a new protocol, the Safe Boxing Program, we have had meetings with UCLA, with other hospitals and a large committee to address the current boxing problem,” the president also commented.

What do you think of this new program? We hope it can prevent the maximum probability of death in the world of boxing.


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