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Punching Mitts Advantages

The exercise with the punching mitts is based on the development, the perfection of different techniques and tactics in the box, it is intended to develop the hitting, speed, precision, displacement as well as offensive and defensive action.

It’s not about hitting hard since that is what punching bags are for, in this training it is totally a scenario that can happen in the ring, trying to create a combination in which we practice position, attack, and defense.

It’s important to learn how to use and know the techniques well so that neither person has an injury, you must use good quality mitts since they are not easily damaged, we recommend the Hook & Loop Punching Mitts.

The coach will teach you how to face situations in each moment of a fight, that is one of the objectives when performing this technique, he will put himself in the place of your opponent and as time passes the training intensifies so that you progressively learn to defend yourself.

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