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The Punching Paddles are one of the most popular instruments within the boxing equipment more at the time of your training, they help you work in combinations so that you avoid blows and punches.

They are ideal to improve the speed and precision of each stroke, unlike the other training tools that work to gain resistance and power, with the paddles you must concentrate on gaining speed, it can even become a very effective cardio session.

Because there is no impact pressure with the paddles, the boxer, as well as the coach, can easily work on fast and soft punches, that is, it is more effective for both.

For the training to be optimal and valuable, it is essential to use the best, they have to be quality paddles so that they go hand in hand with a perfectly studied result, the Cleto Reyes Punching Paddles are ideal for your training needs as they have an excellent quality and its duration will be longer, in addition to that it will prevent you from suffering some type of injury and at the time of your fight everything will be incredibly spectacular.

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