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Maybe you didn’t know, but the best-selling glove is red, why? Here some of the reasons.

Red is a very striking color, people tend to look at what is of this color, or they retain more attention, it is a taste color of the majority to others that it is a primary color. It is associated with desire, energy and heat, as well as for the extrovert.

It has also always been associated with violence due to blood color, so in this contact sport it is tailored. But red is not all negative representing war, but also represents the following:

  • Force

In boxing the blows must be strong and concise, the direct hit to the goal is what makes the sport. Then everything that is done must be done with desire.

  • Passion

Anyone who dedicates himself to this sport does it with passion, for the love of this contact sport and for the feeling of being in the ring.

  • Dynamism

A person dedicated to boxing has to be dynamic, move quickly, think quickly and be active.

Then we can say that most people who practice this beautiful sport meet these requirements or simply like the color in sight. If you see the following images, we can guess what color is the one that will catch your attention faster.

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