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Resistance bands are fantastic tools to improve your strength, your explosiveness and your flexibility in training. They will slightly be increasing your punching power and that’s why boxing is about, they force the muscles to work harder. Everyone can us them and sometimes you can replace lifting weight for this bands.

They can upgrade almost every move, if you want to improve your punch power you must do shadow boxing with resistance bands, they’re perfect for full bodied strength. In boxing you need to be able to land a punch before your opponent so you need that extra speed and with resistance band you can master it.

All you need is a resistance band and your fists, you can start with the basics as squats, shoulder bridge, pull apart and pushups.

Here a list of what exercises you can do with them for boxing

  1. Boxing speed training
  2. Neck training
  3. Jab-crosses
  4. Punch and rotation
  5. Running
  6. Throwing power

Use them for these exercises allows you to improve in the speed and power in the whole movement. Helps you for strength in legs, hip, glutes, ensure muscles and born a lot of calories. You will have a strong neck if it gets hit so you can train it to be a gym bag.

In conclusion, the main advantages of resistance bands are that your muscles will be conditioned for any movement, have balance and strength for the ring and have an excellent round workout.

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