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Round bag is an essential of equipment in boxing now to train because has so many benefits, ideal for movement practice and helps with muscle strengthening and powerful punch, of course like all the equipment round bag has pros and cons but, in this week, we are going to concentrate in benefits, so we are going to talk about that.

Even though its big and heavy you can hit it hard because it’s soft as well so you can blast the bag and hitting it full power and there’s not much impact on your hands, shoulders or elbows and you can whack.

It’s important to know that you should always use the correct protection when you are training, another of their benefits is that it is good for working on your uppercuts on here compared to a traditional bag it’s very hard practically impossible to practice uppercuts on a long traditional.

Great for movement, you can work a lot of footwork with this as well especially if you’ve got space to move around because when it’s swinging it’s coming to you can move around hit this move your feet.

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