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Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis ?

Ryan Garcia (21-0-0) was on “Mike Tyson’s podcast to talk about his win over Campbell when a producer announced he had Davis on FaceTime.  the former world heavyweight boxing champion telling Tank that Garcia had been talking, “mad s— over here.”

After tyson’s comment Garcia told to Davis that he would only need, “two rounds baby, two rounds, you’re going to sleep,  It’s not gonna hurt, I promise you it’s not gonna hurt, you’re gonna need a ladder to hit me, how tall are you? You’re  5-foot-5, you’re gonna need a ladder to hit me. You’re gonna need a StairMaster, boy, you won’t be able to touch me. You ain’t never fought a 135er in your life. This is different. I don’t care what you say. You ain’t got nothing”, finally garcia said to Davis “You too ugly to be champ, And that’s from Muhammad Ali. boy, I’m pretty, you ain’t never seen nothing like me, I promise you, you gonna go down.”

Gervonta Davis (24-0-0) quickly respond moked on Garcia for suffering a brutal knockdown in the fight with Campbell, saying, “He got dropped by somebody that can’t even hit. If I would have hit him, you know I would have killed him after that.”

Pressed by Tyson, Davis repeatedly said, “We’re fighting next,” sending Garcia into a fit of dancing.

“He said it,” Garcia shouted. “The world knows. He said it. Next fight. There’s no going back now,”

“I’m going to fight him. I’ll fight him next,” Davis told Tyson.

“It’s set in stone now, baby,” claimed Garcia.

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