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Our gloves are our flagship product but we know that you can not wear them all the time, but in Cleto Reyes we give you a solution to this situation by putting accessories in your reach and here we present them:

1) Cleto Reyes Glove for Autographs
We know that knowing your boxing idol is an important event and having your autograph is to immortalize that moment, that is why we offer you this glove worked with the same quality of our fight gloves so you can have the memory of your immortalized idol in your favorite glove.

Cleto Reyes Autograph Gloves

2) Cleto Reyes Boxing Glove HC Driver
Who said boxing and golf can not be combined? Cleto Reyes makes it possible, we know that in addition to being a boxing fan, your favorite activity is golf, which is why we make available the perfect cover for your golf club, it will accompany you in all your games and it will not be damaged, that nobody tell you that your glove and your golf club can not be together.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Glove HC Driver

3) Cleto Reyes Cap
We know that this cap can be your companion for a trip or to train any activity that you have will be your ideal companion to look excellent without leaving aside the demonstration of your passion for boxing.

Cleto Reyes Caps

4) Cleto Reyes Glove Watch
The time to see your fight is extremely important to remember What do you think if your favorite glove reminds you?
The Cleto Reyes watch-glove will help you to be always on time, made with the same quality of our gloves, the size and weight is designed to be easily visible and can move without problems will easily adapt to your style.

Cleto Reyes Clock Glove

5) Cleto Reyes Gym bag
It will be the ideal bag for your workouts, with a side bag to carry wet clothes, gloves or bandages, in addition to having a ventilated outside compartment, which will allow you to keep your bag clean and free from bad odors.
but do not get carried away by the name of the product is an excellent companion to go on a family trip, with friends or even go on a weekend to adventure, with ample space to put what you want on your trip.

Cleto Reyes Gym Bag

6)Cleto Reyes Mini glove keychain. 
An authentic and detailed replica of the classic Cleto Reyes professional fight glove. Made of durable synthetic leather, exactly to be carried wherever you go without being damaged, we know that it will be the ideal companion for your keys, anyone who likes boxing will love this detail.

Cleto Reyes Mini Glove Keyring

7) Cleto Reyes Pair of miniature gloves
Our mini star product, this pair of gloves will make you feel the feeling that you have a full-scale gloves, careful and detailed as professionals will be your perfect partner in the mirror of your car, in your office where you want to put them will make you look excellent, the best companion to show off your passion for your favorite sport and your favorite brand Cleto Reyes.

Cleto Reyes Miniature Glove Pair

Here we put these seven options the question would be which is your favorite and which do you want for your collection?

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