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The Thai Pads Pair are part of the boxing training equipment, it is a product that has great benefits and the exercises performed help you improve your skills and combinations without having the harshness of sparring in combat, you can practice the techniques over and over again making combinations to review them and at the same time memorize them so that these techniques come out by inertia at the time of your combat.

It is excellent to improve the combinations and increase the power in each stroke you give, its use is recommended in box training since the Thai Pad gives you the freedom to hit regularly with kicks, fists, elbows, and knees so that later you can develop a greater power in the blows.

Its objective is to have a series of combat techniques available that may be capable of annihilating the opponent with the least possible number of appropriate blows towards the rival, it is important to mention that the coach plays a great role in your training because they help you to develop your movements in time and improve their coordination.

The Cleto Reyes Thai Pad Pair are made of 100% genuine leather perfectly padded with foam with several layers that prevents deformation and at the same time provides you with better support and maximum performance, it also offers you the quality that Cleto Reyes always offers in its products, your training will be the best as long as you have quality boxing equipment as it will prevent any fracture or injury and will last longer.

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