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We continue with the countdown for the fight between Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao and Keith “One Time” Thurman, here at Cleto Reyes, we continue with the special follow-up where we present you with data from both fighters to reach the day of the fight with all the best information.

This time we present the most memorable fights of the career of Manny Pacquiao.

Number 7) vs Ledwaba
Accepted the fight 2 weeks in advance, with only 10 days in the United States, it would be this fight that gave him the opportunity to meet a young Pacquiao but that marked the beginning of a legend.

Here is the link so you can see the fight that started the legend:

Number 6) vs Barrera
The fight against Marco Antonio Barrera. Pacquiao gained weight in the division of the feathers and to be considered the fight that changed his career because it would be against that Pacquiao was recognized as world champion by The Ring after his victory. Both gladiators wore Cleto Reyes gloves on their fists.

Here’s the link to see one of the first fights where Manny used his Cleto Reyes gloves:

Number 5) vs Marquez 
This would be the first of four fights to be fought by Manny and Marquez but on this first occasion with impressive speed Pacquiao would win and giving a strong sign of how fast he was, Marquez had never faced a boxer with the characteristics of Manny and that’s why on more than one occasion he played the ring’s canvas.

Here is the link to see the first of 4 epic battles given by Pacquiao vs Marquez:

Number 4) vs Morales 2
Giving one of his best performances Manny forced Morales twice to touch the canvas, something unthinkable since morals was known for his broad resistance and strength to strike, but before the spirit of Pacquiao was insufficient

Here is the link to enjoy the best moments left by the fight:

Number 3) vs De la Hoya
Just as Oscar De la Hoya gave one of the final blows to the career of the legendary Julio César Chavez in the same way Manny would give the blow for the race of the Golden Boy who in spite of his experience could not with the sure blows of Manny.

Here is the link with the best actions of the confrontation of both gladiators:

Number 2) vs Hatton
More than a battle of strength, it was a perfect duel for Manny, giving precision in each of his movements, with an almost perfect combination between both hands and ending with a wonderful straight from the left arm to Hatton’s jaw.

Here the link to get all the details of the fight from the referee messages to the finalblow:

And we finally left you with the Cleto Reyes team we consider the best fight, but you can have your favorite fight!

Number 1) vs Bradley
Keith Thurman is not the only one to warn Pacquiao of an impending defeat, Bradley told him he was finished to what Manny replied, we will see in the ring and fence that responded to the words demonstrating their experience and a speed that has always characterized him.

Here we leave you the link of the full fight so that you live that confrontation that left one more victory for Manny Pac Man Pacquiao:

Manny is part of the characters who guard the world of boxing, we know that he will always be remembered as a legend both for his life story and for his great fights, Cleto Reyes not only has accompanied him if not even his opponents you can find his professional gloves Cleto Reyes, because remember we are Los Guantes de los Campeones.


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