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The first symposium for prevention of suicide in girls, boys and teenagers is inaugurated

Promoting education, culture and sports through boxing to have young people with a healthy mind and body, was the message that Elizabeth Reyes, executive director of Cleto Reyes, gave during the opening speech of the First Symposium on Suicide Prevention and Health Promotion mental health in girls, boys and adolescents, organized by La Salle Nezahualcóyotl University and PREVENSIFAME. With the virtual presence of Master Andrés Govela, Gutiérrez, rector of Universidad La Salle Nezahualcóyotl, Dr. María Elena Medina Mora Icaza, coordinator of the Center for Research in Global Mental Health of the National Institute of Psychiatry Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz, and Dr. Marco Antonio Martínez García. Founding President of PREVENFISAME A.C. “Caring for and Thinking about your Health”, Elizabeth Reyes made the opening statement. “Today, Tuesday, August 25 and at 9:48 a.m., we formally declared the First Symposium the First Symposium on the Prevention of Suicide and Promotion of mental health in children and adolescents. Thank you very much, I wish you success and I remain at your service ”. During her speech, Elizabeth Reyes, who also holds the position of Community Outreach of World Boxing Council Cares, thanked Dr. Marco Antonio Martínez García, Founding President of PREVENFISAME A.C. “For the invitation to be in charge of making the opening statement. Greetings to the honorable presidium and I convey my congratulations for their education and training work ”. “I believe that with these symposia we will understand a little more about our children and young people, especially at this time that takes us by surprise, that demands that we be more supportive,” he commented. Elizabeth Reyes recalled that ten years ago she had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Marco Martínez and that they have and worked together on the importance of the family and the collaborators of Cleto Reyes.

“He has also accompanied us to deliveries of our social program‘ Spirit of Champion ’, through which we support trainers in outdoor gyms, to contribute to having a better society with children and young people with healthy minds and bodies.”

I have stated that in this time of quarantine “it is a challenge to change the modality of a symposium from face-to-face to being online. I tell you that two weeks ago we were at the 58th Convention of the World Boxing Council, virtually and more than five thousand people from 120 countries participated and it was a success for boxing because we shared knowledge and experiences ”.

As an example, I point out Clean Boxing and WBC Cares: “I was glad that the fifth year of Scholas Ocurrent, founded by Pope Francis, will be celebrated to promote education, culture and sports. On behalf of Cleto Reyes and the WBC, we congratulate them for this effort and we invite them to promote the practice of sport, especially boxing and to always keep their guard up, on a subject as delicate and hard as the one that is going to. deal with this symposium, “he said in his farewell.

In his speech, Master Andrés Govela Gutiérrez “Rector of Universidad La Salle Nezahualcóyotl, commented that“ it is a pleasure to be part of this symposium; I would like to thank all the organizers who have joined me at the table of honor for this event ”.

“We love being part of this effort that seeks the healthy development of children and adolescents, because in the current circumstances, some minors who face a time like this, of the pandemic, have put us in extreme situations, it charges greater relevance to the mental health of minors, to combat extreme situations. At our university we have a motto: ‘The united remains’ and today we say that the united also remains in the distance”. It was the turn of Dr. María Elena Medina Mora, coordinator of the “Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz” National Institute of Psychiatry. “I am glad to see a university located in the place where we should put our eyes, because we know the problems that affect children and young people, the concerns they feel, because they do not have the tools that favor them, for that reason he congratulated Dr. Marco Antonio Martínez, for this great effort. “The issue is hard, because of the situation in which children and young people are, who are sensitive to the environment that surrounds them, because of the issue of violence, which is hard in itself and now more at this stage than in the development of your brain, which makes it easier for these events to affect your life in mental and physical health. Today we have the opportunity to improve that growth, because mental illness is combined with suicide”. Dr. Marco Antonio Martínez was in charge of closing the protocol act: “This work is important to be able to improve our new generations; thanks to everyone. To Dr. Medina Mora, the rector of the university and Elizabeth Reyes, who has always been a person with a lot of heart”.



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