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During your training it’s very important to use the correct protective equipment, one of the most important is the mask or the protective helmet for your head, because it is the most delicate area of ​​our body, since with this we protect our brain already It controls all our cognitive functions.

Like training equipment is ideal for sparring or heavy workouts and gives you the opportunity to do a very important and good movements.

If you don’t use the traditional headgear correctly, a blow from a professional can seriously damage your eye, this protective equipment also protects your hearing, as mentioned above, they are organs that surround our entire skull and that it is important to protect, when a blow is received direct, the traditional headgear has the function of protecting you and mitigating the impact and preventing any brain damage.

As we always remember in our blog to always use the optimal and quality boxing equipment so that its use is long-lasting and can protect you to the maximum, we recommend the Traditional Headgear that also have different models and colors and have the best fitting Traditional Headgear it also features a completely perfect fit with a three-point anatomical design to give better visibility in addition to being made in Mexico and 100% handmade.

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