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Staying protected in your training is essential because that is the time when you are learning and it’s normal to make mistakes so when it’s time to get in the ring you can put everything you learned into practice.

The kidney and foul protector is an essential part of the boxing protection equipment because it protects your internal organs such as the kidneys and also the hips, so that you can feel more comfortable at the time of your training it’s important that you use the correct size so that it can fit perfectly in your body so that it can fulfill its function and most importantly, that you do not suffer from any injury to your body.

You should also consider always using quality equipment as it has the benefit of how long it may last, and you can put it to greater use.

We recommend you using the kidney and foul protector in your training it has the best design and is made with the best quality and 100% handmade in Mexico, in addition to that it adapts perfectly to your body to give you more practicality when using it and you are more comfortable.

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